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In the News at Bethel


Visitation Update 7-20 -2020


2020 Bethel Continuum Summer Art Show

How is it possible to have an art show in the NYC area these days? By doing it virtually, of course!  Because the communities within the Bethel family are home to many talented artists, we wanted to highlight the work of eight creative women at these communities and share it with the world.

This short video highlights a collection of their works, spanning media including watercolor, acrylic, quilting, graphite, oil and more. The video also features short bios so you can get to know these “Artists of Bethel” before admiring their artwork.

 Click on the link to watch the show

Bethel is a regular contributor to Westchester Senior Voice magazine providing articles of interest to today’s seniors looking for healthy living, housing and healthcare resources. From memory care support programs to seniors who volunteer their time, Bethel offers information and solutions for seniors, and their families, living in Westchester and beyond.   Click on the link to read our articles:

Who Wants Pie? Bethel Residents Enjoy an Old-Fashioned Carnival

September 24, 2018

Recreation Therapist, Donna Carey, takes a pie in the face from resident, Sally Smith, during a carnival at Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center yesterday afternoon. Ms. Smith’s aim was spot on and she was delighted to have so effectively hit her “target!” A number of other residents also lined up to test their pie-throwing skills on Ms. Carey.

Residents enjoyed other carnival games such as Ring Throwing and a Bean Bag Toss. Hot dogs, refreshments, music and a beautiful, sunny day resulted in a large turn-out.


Resident Volunteers Computer Expertise to Create an Information Website for Bethel Staff

July 30, 2018

Paul Schmidt has been using computers since he was seven years old, and not just to play games! He wanted to know how they worked on the inside, too. “My Grandpa had one and that’s how my interest first started,” says Paul.

And it has never wavered. Now 30, Paul develops websites, troubleshoots computer issues and offers his expertise to those in need of assistance. With a degree in Computer Science, he has honed his childhood interest into cutting edge skills.

Currently a short-term resident at Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, and a native of Yonkers, Paul is helping to develop an internal website that will provide information for Bethel staff in a variety of areas, from how to use the mail machine to a quick reference on Bethel’s computer software programs.

Paul approached Jeff Scott, Bethel’s IT Director and offered his services during his Respite stay at the skilled nursing facility. Paul, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, is on a wait list for an apartment in White Plains or New Rochelle via the Front Door program, where he will live on his own, having previously lived with his father.

“It’s fulfilling for me to help the place that’s helping me,” he says. “And it also keeps me from being bored!” Paul said. 

Jeff suggested developing the website, as it would be a useful, supplemental tool for staff, who already participate in regularly scheduled classes. The website program would include topics not already covered in Relias, the service Bethel uses to provide its annual, mandated training. Content for the website will be provided by each facility’s administration with input from all departments and will include a myriad of topics and videos.

“The sky is the limit,” says Paul. “I can include whatever is needed on the website.”

Paul will develop pages for each department such as Food Service, Maintenance, and Housekeeping, as well as for each of Bethel’s building and programs. This includes: Bethel Springvale Inn Assisted Living, The Pines Independent Senior Living, Bethel Nursing Home, Bethel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Adult Day Services and Home Care.

“We can also add information such as the Policy and Procedure Manual, Emergency Disaster Preparedness guidelines and any other such Department of Health required documents,” says Jeff.

Says Paul, “The website is a supplemental tool that will allow staff to access it for an immediate reference or for a more in-depth understanding of a topic, whatever they need.”

Paul spends about two to three hours per day on the project, preparing and designing the site, and is looking forward to working with staff to fill the pages with pertinent, accessible material. To the non-web designer savvy, it seems like a huge task, but not to Paul. It’s second nature to him.

Upon his discharge from Bethel, Paul is planning to officially launch his computer business. As he considers the future, and the tasks at hand, Paul offered the following advice, “No matter what obstacles you face, you can overcome anything.”


The Knolls Sponsors Arts in the Afternoon at The Jacob Burns Film Center

June 19, 2018

Emergency Preparedness Presentation at Bethel Homes and Services Among Topics: Disasters, Active Shooters

April 30, 2018

From natural disasters to active shooter scenarios, staff at Bethel Homes and Services in Croton-on-Hudson recently learned how best to manage such emergencies, at home and in the workplace, during a presentation by Capt. Brett M. White, Division of Military and Naval Affairs at Camp Smith in Cortlandt Manor, NY.

 Capt. White stressed that planning and preparation is key for more effectively responding to emergencies, whether it’s a natural disaster such as a flood or winter storm, a power outage or a terrorist attack.

  He advised people to have an emergency plan in place as well as a designated stash of emergency supplies on hand (food, water, medicine, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, etc.), should they need to remain in place for a period of time or if they must immediately evacuate.

 He also reminded them to factor in their pets’ needs when making these plans.

 And, for active shooter scenarios, Capt. White says the general advice offered is “Run, Hide, Fight.” That is: run, if it appears that a safe escape is possible; hide, if exiting the area is not a possibility; and fight, if that is the only option. Of course, depending upon the workplace, staff may have certain responsibilities for populations who are not able to flee or fend for themselves, be it children, the elderly, ill and/or disabled, and will need to assist them in staying safe.

 The presentation included many additional practical tools and resources for responding to potential emergencies. Bethel Homes and Services recognizes the importance of emergency preparedness awareness to better protect its residents, staff and the community at large, and is providing emergency preparedness presentations for all staff on its three campuses in Croton-on-Hudson, Ossining and Valhalla.

(Photo cutline) Capt. Brett M. White, Division of Military and Naval Affairs at Camp Smith, spoke to staff at Bethel Homes and Services about Emergency Preparedness in the event of disasters, active shooters and other potential crisis.