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rehabilitation :: launch video

We are Northern Westchester’s premier resource for short-term, sub-acute rehabilitation.

And when we say, “Nothing personal, but we’d like you to leave as soon as possible,” we mean it in the best possible way!

At Bethel, we understand how important it is for rehabilitation patients to return to their homes and lives as soon as possible (and how a good sense of humor can go a long way). Restoring the full potential of those in our care is our passion and top-priority, and we access the area’s finest resources to make their rehabilitation stays shorter, easier and more comfortable.

Our therapists conduct personal evaluations in order to design a program for each resident based on their individual needs, strength and abilities. Our personable therapists will provide intensive, one-on-one skilled therapy to ensure a safe and speedy discharge. Our multi-disciplinary approach begins in consultations with physicians, nurses, dieticians, social workers, recreation therapists and family members to ensure the physical and emotional needs—and optimal health goals —of our patients are met.

Bethel’s discharge planner can arrange for residents to continue therapy through our Home Care services or as an outpatient, if needed.

At Bethel, whether you’re 21 or 101, our rehabilitation programs are designed to return you to the life you love. And here, the area’s finest rehabilitation programs come with the finest tools: Our residents benefit from the advanced physical therapy equipment of our 1200 square foot gym and workout center.